besides the whole "talking adventuring cat" thing, obviously

Fly Home is an online story about the adventures and mishaps of a she-cat, also known as our lovably oblivious protagonist Micheala. Kindhearted, sweet, friendly, and mild, the said she-cat provides for a wonderful friend and has a big imagination, getting caught up in her head and surroundings at various turns. However, her imagination crosses the line of overreactive, as she finds herself bombarded often by thoughts she doesn't know how to handle. Well, except for running away from them. Literally.

Call it a hero complex or call it just flatout recklessness, Micheala's only way to deal with her problems and fears is by jumping into something else, anything else to put her mind somewhere else for a bit. If her paws are on the ground and she's running or helping anyone, well, hey, the thoughts are sure to go away! ... Until they come back, that is. And with a fear of change, the she-cat wants to remain a kit forever, where she is safe and sound, knowing always what will happen and not having to make any sudden leaps or judgements when the storms start stirring in her brain.

Living otherwise joyfully on a lone farm with her two best friends -- Stella and Catty -- nearby, Micheala feels at peace and content with her stable routine, being able to laze around at a familiar pace every day. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Not exactly.

Whether comfortable or not, Micheala knows deep down inside herself she'll have to confront those nasty thoughts just bubbling at the surface of her brain, threatening to come out at any moment. The world she knows, as gorgeaous and lovable as it is, well... something's not right. She knows it, somewhere deep down, past the swarms of anxiety. Maybe it's the darkness of the woods, watching her while she sleeps, or maybe it's the precarious barking when she stands too far away from home -- the dangers nearby, the tall tales that seem just a bit too true, a bit too edgy, putting Micheala's fur on end and life on the line...

Something's not right. The world as Micheala knows it will shift and change before her very own paws, and it will swallow her whole if she doesn't move fast.

So, in less dramatic terms, Fly Home is the adventerous story of an anxiety-ridden, sweethearted she-cat by the name of Micheala who has been sheltered underneath the love and shield of sweet owners and healthy friendships. As such, our protagonist can be rather unassuming and oblivious to darker matters and she has a very childlike heart.

Fly Home follows Micheala's adventures and growths -- both physical and emotional -- as her loving spirit drives her away from home and forces her to grow with what she has around her, being forced to live with anxiety and an unfamiliar territory when all she's ever had around her is home. Whether she finds her way home or not will be revealed over the course of this series, along with the mysteries beneath her hometown and even her own self and backstory.

Regardless, I hope you guys have fun and hopefully enjoy me bringing my kid self's OCs back to life, once and for all! :')


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